Sunday, January 27, 2013

Free Lottery Pool - Learn How to Join a Free Lotto Pool to Realistically Win the Lottery Jackpot!

If you want to join a free lottery pool, read this entire article. You will learn how to win lottery by joining a lottery pool that works.
Here's why most lottery pools suck and what you should do about it. Look. I'm a lottery retailer and I sell tons of lottery tickets EVERY single day.
It's true that 1/3 of all lottery winnings are from lottery pools.
...But MOST pools suck and here's why.
Most pools are disorganized.
Most lottery pools are colleagues, co-workers, families, and friends who decide to play the lottery together in a lottery team.
But guess what, there is always that ONE person who is INCONSISTENT. They don't pay every week. They forget to bring their money one day. They say they are not sure if they want to play one week.
What happens then?
Your lotto syndicate sucks! It's disorganized and inconsistent and thus you cannot guarantee the best odds every single time.
Here's another reason. Most lotto syndicate don't select good numbers. They pick quick picks and lottery studies have shown that "quick picks" is the WORST WAY to pick your numbers.
So what should you do about it?
Research for online pools on the internet that work where you live.
There are some syndicates that only work in Europe or just a certain country but if you do your research, you will find a great team that works worldwide.
In addition, many pools on the internet will select your numbers for you based on proven & tested lottery softwares. That means, you and your lottery team will have the BEST possible numbers based on proven data.
So next time you think about joining a lottery team, do your research online and join a proven & tested pool on the internet.
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